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Dandelion Global's Presence at the UN Economy Forum

On May 23rd 2017, Dandelion Global, LLC CEO Roz Huang was invited to attend the 2017 Global New Economy Forum at the United Nation headquarter in New York City. “This is an excellent opportunity for me to interact with some of the most influential political and economic figures in the world. They keep track of any latest trends in the world. You can always learn new ideas from them…” said Ms. Huang. varmobileContainersDataApplicationF66457FE-1CD6-450E-BEDF-8E815B6F8234Documents101edd26272441f1e88b61ce8fadf030Img753281008c879a38171a76214406a259237.pic_thum

(UN Headquarter in New York)

This two-day event focuses on how might new emerging economies propel the UN Sustainable Development Goals’ (SDGs) conversations in ways that re-shape every aspect of life, in both developed and developing regions of the world. The SDGs are dedicated to help nations by encouraging further economic development. By allowing innovations, new corporate structures, and some other actions, the new model of business would potentially lead to changes in a broader picture of the world.   varmobileContainersDataApplicationF66457FE-1CD6-450E-BEDF-8E815B6F8234Documents101edd26272441f1e88b61ce8fadf030Img753281008c879a38171a76214406a259232.pic_thum

(Ongoing Forum Picture 1)

    Since it was a new economy forum, there were also conversations in cutting-edge technologies and new business development assumptions. Former president of the NASDAQ, Alfred Berkeley answered one intuitive question about how to raise the standard of entry for the companies want to be listed. President of the Global Partnership Forum Amir Dossal gave speech on how to incorporate economic development into diplomatic mission over the world. As a businesswomen has long time investment experience in private sector, Roz thinks the interaction with a multinational organization, the UN, will help Dandelion Global find new opportunities over the world, as some countries are constantly seeking investment for their long term development.    

May 31, 2017
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New rules just proposed by the China FDA will make cross-border collaboration and investment easier

New rules just proposed by the China FDA will make cross-border collaboration and investment easier: Foreign-approved IND are exempt from filing new IND requests in China, speeding up drug trials by two years or more; China clinical trials can now begin without completion of an additional Phase I trial; Regulatory processes for new drugs are expedited; IND/CTA approvals for drugs for certain indications such as cancer can start clinical trials within three months. China continues to be the world’s fastest growing healthcare market with investment potential increasing each year. Access investors, pharma and drug development partners ready to forge cross-border collaborations . Dandelion Global is representing a group of Bios projects to ChinaBio® Partnering Forum 2017. If you needs our representation and assistant at the Forum, please contact us at: [email protected].

April 07, 2017
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Bankers see growth slowing, innovation rising

M_Id_298030_Technology For Spanish speakers in the US and Latin America, it is good news that healthcare industry are going into their life more intimately. The Spanish population and Latin America market for healthcare is also a future trend for healthcare, as both the US and Chinese investors are seeking more potential markets. Read more:

March 01, 2017
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Foxconn Going Through Transformation ????????

131565775 Please click the title to read the full news! Foxconn is going through a major transformation in its business: establishing joint healthcare and medical venture with Softbank and Sharp respectively; investing in high-tech camera and lens firms in Silicon Valley, as well as expanding its investment in China for future iPhone production. The Taiwanese firm is now ambitiously stepping into the tech investment market of both mainland China and the US. ?????????????:????????????????????;???????????????,?????????iPhone????????????????????????????????????

February 28, 2017
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