About Us

Dandelion Global, LLC is a global resource management-consulting group working with companies to build valuable businesses in Asia. We work closely with clients to formulate sourcing, manufacturing and marketing strategies for their entry into the Asia market. By implementing these strategies, we are able to impact our clients’ business results positively.  We provide comprehensive, customized solutions to operational and security challenges abroad, assisting our clients with the business of doing business overseas.  Essentially, we are your one-stop-shop for global logistical services that is highly cost-effective, allowing you to focus your time and resources on your core business.

Dandelion Global, LLC exists to help clients understand their markets, compete more effectively, and grow into new areas of opportunity in Asia. The Asia Pacific region is expected to be one of the most active drivers of global wealth in the coming years, and China itself is one of the largest wealth markets in the region.

Doing business in Asia takes commitment, and is a process that should be taken with considerable care. Culture is one of the most significant differences between Asia and the developed nations of the West. Cultural issues, including language and business customs, can present significant difficulties when trying to develop your business, enter new markets, or find manufacturing resources.

Virtually thousands of companies from every corner of the world have been, or will be, caught up in the rising tide moving eastward to the Asian continent with expectations for increased revenues and higher profits. The perception is correct but does not necessarily mean perception will become reality.

Working with Dandelion Global, LLC, you will see the cultural divide disappear. We will help you through the obstacles that stand in your way and help your business achieve success. Dandelion Global, LLC will turn your perception into a reality.